This article was misinformed and the celebration was actually a gender reveal with Michigan State being a girl, and U of M being a boy. The story has been updated to reflect that.

We have seen balloons used in many different ways to reveal something. They are often shown in school colors at graduations and even letter of intent signings, but the most common reveal using balloons is a gender reveal for an expecting mother. These Michigan residents wanted to use balloons to tell their family, friends, and everyone else what the gender of their baby would be using MI schools.

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College Gameday posted a video on Facebook of the reveal and got tons of shares, comments, and reactions on the viral platform. At first glance it seems like a video that couldn't possibly have a bad ending, but clicking on it and watching the video was a great decision. The reveal itself seemed to have been made very simple by the decoration but what came out was completely different.

The box that held the balloons was decorated and painted in a split design. They only used 4 colors and 2 logos to give the box some flavor, leading those watching to believe that one of those 2 schools would be inside. One half of the box was painted white with had a white and green spartan head for Michigan State (for a girl), while the other side was painted blue with a Maize block M for the University of Michigan (for a boy).

The mom and dad were standing on opposite sides of the box, ready to each open a flap to show what it would be. Little did they know, the dad-to-be's sister-in-law threw them all for a loop.

As the parents opened the flaps out came scarlet and grey balloons. There was even one with an Ohio State Logo on it along with football balloons as well. Mom's jaw just dropped to the floor as she couldn't believe it, while dad was visibly upset and was trying to stuff the balloons back in the box.

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