Can you remember much of what occurred in your life 42 years ago?  Where did you live and what major happened in your life that year?  Many of us cannot remember much going back 40 plus years but when something major happens in our lives, for example, the assassination attempt of President Reagan or perhaps the giant blizzard of 1978, you may very well remember

MLive has some great pictures dating back to the mother of all blizzards that happened 42 years ago this week.  In fact, the blizzard occurred during the three day period of January 25th through the 27th.

The National Weather Service recorded snowfall amounts which ranged from only 8.2 inches in Detroit to 30 inches in Muskegon.  The area of Flint had 9.9 and Grand Rapids and Lansing accumulated 19 inches.

You may not remember but the storm initially began as rain, but then quickly changed to heavy snow during the early morning hours.  This was due to arctic air slamming into the warmer weather from the south.  This is where the real problem occurred; that being the wind.  Some areas of Michigan saw winds gusting up to 100 miles per hour which caused huge drifts that nearly buried some homes.   Those winds were so fierce they caused frequent whiteouts and zero visibility.

The National Weather Service stated this historic storm was:

The most extensive and very nearly the most severe blizzard in Michigan history raged throughout Thursday January 26, 1978 and into part of Friday January 27. About 20 people died as a direct or indirect result of the storm, most due to heart attacks or traffic accidents. At least one person died of exposure in a stranded automobile. Many were hospitalized for exposure, mostly from homes that lost power and heat. About 100,000 cars were abandoned on Michigan highways, most of them in the southeast part of the state.

Please feel free to share your memories about Michigan’s infamous Blizzard of 1978.

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