It's turned out to be a pretty good State Senate race between Mike Callton and Dr. John Bizon in the Republican Primary Election.  The winner on Tuesday August 7th, will face a democrat in the November general election.

Campaign ads on both sides center around Michigan energy, and a lot of campaign dollars are coming from that industry.   Callton was asked to explain the difference between the candidates on that issue.   Callton says that when he served in the State House, he voted for bills moved forward by 19th State Senator Mike Nofs, who is term limited and can't run again.  He says Bizon voted against the energy bills.  Bizon says the bills limit consumer choice for energy.  Callton says he, and most of the Republican party, support the bill because it gives the state energy securing over the decade.  He says he's all for alternative energy providers, but that the state needs to know we have energy security, and he says it also keeps jobs in Michigan.

In the interview, Callton also talks about school funding and protecting Public School budgets, while still supporting alternative schools.   He says the state needs to fund both, but not take away from Public Schools. He says the current system of having Public Schools compete for dollars has not strengthened them, but rather weakened them.

Callton also talks about road funding, and touts his government experience as a plus over his opponent.  He also says he is the more conservative candidate.

The 61st State Senate District is made up of Calhoun, Barry and Ionia counties  Callton served the maximum three terms in the House, serving Barry and Ionia counties.   Bizon is on his second House term, serving Calhoun County.

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