More Calhoun County  aerial spraying was scheduled for Friday October 4th, but it appears it didn't happen and that the State rescheduled Friday's areas for Sunday night.  Friday, the state notified news organizations and local health departments that  they planned to spray Areas 4-4 and 4-3.   On Sunday at 7:26pm, WBCK received a notice from the State Department of Health and Human Services that those areas would be sprayed on Sunday October 6.   Also included Sunday night is a portion of Fort Custer Training Center which crosses into Kalamazoo County.

Area 4-4 is bordered by Kalamazoo County on the west, Columbia Avenue on the North, 11 Mile Road on the East, and "H" Drive South on the South.

Area 4-3 is further south, and much smaller.  It is between Athens and Burlington. The area is bordered by 3 1/2 Mile Road on the West, K Drive South on the North, 8 1/2 Mile on the East, and U Drive South on the South.

Spraying was scheduled to begin at 7:30pm, but could vary depending on wind and weather conditions. Spraying could continue until 4:30am.

The Sunday release indicates that a small area near Albion, identified as 4-2, was sprayed on Saturday night.

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