New RV manufacturing jobs are on their way to Sturgis. From Governor Whitmer’s Office, Monday morning, Indiana-based Cruiser RV and Heartland Recreational Vehicles will be bringing an estimated 450 new jobs to the area. Along with so many jobs, they will also invest a total $35.9 million in Sturgis with support from the Michigan Strategic Fund.

The opportunities have been made available with the announcement by Whitmer, of economic development grants for Cruiser RV and Heartland Recreational Vehicles. The funds will help support two new manufacturing campuses in Sturgis. Governor Whitmer is touting the development as a sign of continued economic recovery in the state:

“Michigan’s business climate and highly-skilled manufacturing workforce are creating an environment where businesses like Heartland RV and Cruiser RV can thrive and grow, creating good jobs in St. Joseph County,” said Governor Whitmer. “This is great news for workers, their families, and our economy as we continue our economic jumpstart and put Michigan back to work. With the help of companies like Cruiser RV and Heartland RV, we can build back our state’s economy stronger than ever.”

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Not just a boost to the manufacturing industry, Governor Whitmer’s office also points out the project highlights Michigan’s travel and tourism industries. Michigan offers 1300 campgrounds and camping makes up a large part of Michigan’s $26.3 billion tourism industry. Camping looks to be on the rise again. According to the Michigan Association of Recreational Vehicles and Campgrounds, RV Sales for 2021 are on the rise. Yearend sales are estimated to be 33.8 percent over the 2020 yearend total.

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