A new controversy has been created by a statement made from the new Chief of Staff for the National Security Council, Fred Fleitz.

Breitbart news is reporting that Mr. Fleitz stated the following:

There are some communities in the United States that have not assimilated. I’m not concerned about Amish or Jewish communities, but I will tell you that there are enclaves of Muslim communities in Michigan and Minnesota that concern me…The problem with these Muslim communities is that it is making them susceptible to this radical worldview that wants to destroy modern society, create a global caliphate, and impose sharia law on everyone on Earth….communities where British Muslims are deliberately not assimilating, are being taught to hate British society, and this is incubating radicalism. There’s actually a parallel system of sharia law courts in the U.K. that operate.

Due to these statements there are a bevy of groups up in arms about his words and thoughts, they are: Arab American Institute, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Southern Poverty Law Center, Muslim Advocates, and the Jewish civil rights group Anti-Defamation League.

Well you can only imagine how enraged the left has become from these statements.  The Arab American Institute, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Southern Poverty Law Center, Muslim Advocates, and the Jewish civil rights group Anti-Defamation League released statements last week slamming his appointment.

Rula Aoun, executive director of the Arab American Civil Rights League, in Dearborn, told the Free Press:

This move is destructive...To have someone whose knowledge is grounded in nothing but conspiracy theories is detrimental to our foreign and domestic policies. It’s scary to know that this individual isa close adviser to the president.

Then we had Maya Berry, a native of Dearborn herself who is the executive director of the Arab American Institute in Washington D.C., quoted in the article stating she is "tremendously concerned" about Fleitz being in an influential position and:

IIt's hate and it's bigotry and it has real consequences...These are people who are going to make decisions. ... We pay their salaries as taxpayers.

Do you know what these groups and people are not saying or addressing?  They are not addressing what Mr. Fleitz is concerned about, that ought to tell you something.  Why did they never address the assimilation question, I can only assume because they cannot.   That is all I need to know, whenever someone does not address a direct allegation that usually means they know they cannot and the allegation is true to some extent.

I have three questions for you and they are:

  1. What does assimilation mean to you?
  2. What does integration mean to you?
  3. Why did we not have this same issue with other enclaves of different cultures?

I looked up the Webster’s dictionary definition of assimilation and integration and they are as follows:

Definition of assimilate: to take into the mind and thoroughly understand assimilate information. to take in and utilize as nourishment, to absorb into the cultural tradition of a population or group

Definition of integrate: to form, coordinate, or blend into a functioning or unified whole, to find the integral of (something, such as a function or equation), to unite with something else

We need to take these concerns to heart and determine if they are real or not and do not be afraid of being called a racist, bigot or Islamophobia because you will by people who have no legitimate points to defend their argument.


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