According to the Pew Research Center and reported in the Washington Examiner, Muslims are the fastest-growing religion in the world and approximately 70% identify as Democrats and only 11% identify as Republicans.

I was wondering why the President and the Democrat Party appear by their policies not to put Americans national security at the top of their priorities.  Now I think we have found out why, they want their votes.

Is it too cynical of me to point to the Pew Centers research as a possible answer to my question?

Too add to my concern over the President and his party’s policies of extremist Muslims before National Security the Pew Center found that Muslims make up a growing share of the immigrants granted permanent residency in the United States each year.

Why else would the President and the Democrat Party create and back policies that do not put Americans national security first?

Might you have a different reason why they would pursue such policies?

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