Facing the Detroit River and Canada, this sculpture is perched hi in the air for all to see. So why is it naked, and who placed it there?

Recently, I went to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit to check out the new cars. I walked out to see the ice floating down the river and saw this Sculpture.

Google Streetview
Google Streetview

While I was taking pictures, an older gentleman, he told me his name was Dave Milles but not related to the sculptor, came up and said: "kinda neat, huh?" He proceeded to tell me about the sculptor named Carl Milles, who created it in the 50's (1952) and another nude sculpture called "The Hand of God" (1952-54) that is located by the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice. Both, created by Milles in the 50's. They are two of the many sculptures he has done in the Detroit area.

Dave told me there had once been a sheet of steel welded on the statue, called "Spirit of Transportation", as a form of loincloth because too many people were offended. The welder only used two small welds so it would eventually rust and fall off. In Milles Wikipedia page it says:

Milles' sculptures sometimes offended American sensibilities, and he had a 'fig leaf' maker on retainer.

I guess that answers my question of why it's naked.

BONUS VIDEO: North American International Auto show Detroit 2018

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