A new invasive species of moth was discovered in Michigan and two other states this year.  The species, Cydalima perspectalis, is commonly known as box tree moth and can be recognized by it's white and black wing pattern.  The box tree moth starts out as a green and yellow caterpillar with white, yellow and black stripes and black spots.

The box tree moths were first discovered in Michigan in May and then were later discovered in Connecticut and South Carolina.

The box tree moth was originally native to Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, far-east Russia and India but has since invaded Europe in 2006 and now has been spotted in North America.

The species lives in and feeds on the boxwood tree, which is also not native to Michigan.  But, because of the popularity of the boxwood tree as an ornamental plant, some of these little pests have also decided to move to the area inside of the imported plants.

The box tree moth is not considered a threat to forests because of the boxwood not being native to the area, but the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is still concerned about its effect on the boxwood species of plants.  If left unchecked, these little critters could decimate the boxwood population and destroy many people's plants.

Anyone who identifies a box tree moth can contact Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development's nursery program at MDARD-NurseryCE@michigan.gov.

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