If you are looking for a new job in West Michigan, this could be the greatest time ever finding one that pays well since wages have jumped the highest in 20 years.

I have never seen so many help-wanted signs in front of businesses before. A lot of them posting the hourly wage or salary right on the sign.

During the pandemic, many people were laid off from work or lost their job altogether. What companies in West Michigan didn't expect is that when things started opening back up, many who lost their jobs found new better-paying jobs. Other companies who attempted to lower their wages or cut down salaries found that many workers decided to just quit.

There has probably not been a better time in 20 years to look around for another job in West Michigan. Many companies are now having to pay higher hourly wages or offer higher starting salaries to entice people to come work for them. Even benefits packages are being beefed up for many job opportunities.

According to WOOD, pay has increased in the last three months. 1.5% in the third quarter. Benefits have gone up nearly 10%. This shows for once, workers are gaining more leverage in the job market.

With a record number of jobs available, companies have been forced to get more creative and loosen up their purse in order to attract workers to fill these positions.

When workers hear about these higher-paying jobs, they are walking away from their current job for better pay and in a lot of cases, better benefits. It only makes sense for many that really suffered during the heart of the pandemic to try and make up for the lost wages with a new company.

Some workers right here in West Michigan have switched jobs and seen over a 5% increase in their wages. If local companies don't want to lose the current workers they have, they want to consider a bump in pay and/or benefits to hanging on to the workers they have.

With gas, food, and everything else rising in price, it's leaving people no choice to find a higher wage.

So if you are looking for a pay raise and your current boss says no, someone else may offer you that increase if you take a look around.

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