Consumers Energy, the largest energy supplier for homes and businesses in Michigan, is looking to wind energy in a big way. Consumers has a long-term goal to eliminate the use of coal for energy and transition to clean sources such as renewables, new energy storage capacity, and reducing energy waste. It’s all part of Consumers' “Clean Energy Plan.”

A new piece of that puzzle is now at work. Consumers is assuming ownership of the Crescent Wind energy farm in Hillsdale County. It’s located in Wheatland Township, not far from Jonesville. The primary offices are in Jonesville where a team of about a dozen employees will be headquartered. That’s only about 30 miles southeast of Battle Creek.

The Crescent Wind project joins several others in the Consumers Energy stable of expanding clean energy sources. The utility is estimating that about 64 thousand Michigan residents and businesses will be supported in their energy needs by the huge turbines that are spinning over the rural countryside. There are 60 massive turbines on the site. The project was initially conceived and developed by Invenergy. Its development team worked out the initial planning and site acquisition deals with area residents. Consumers just took ownership and operational control of the site this week.

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The Hillsdale Collegian last fall was reporting on some opposition to the project involving local residents who didn’t like what they felt was being imposed on their rural lifestyle. Some area residents decided to run for elected offices in the area to try to beat back the progress of the wind farm. So far that effort has not had much of an impact since the wind farm is clearly moving forward and is now producing electricity. Some may be pointing to the frozen turbines in Texas and millions without power there today as an example of why reliance on renewables may not be such a great idea.


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