Legal challenges delaying the trial of the man accused of killing six people during a shooting spree in the Kalamazoo area are expected to be argued next month.

The defense for 47-year-old Jason Dalton has been seeking to have some of his statements kept from trial, as they say they were made after Dalton told investigators he didn’t want to speak. A Kalamazoo County judge said the evidence could be used, and the Appeals Court refused to hear the case, prompting the defense to appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court; The Detroit Free Press reports that the Supremes, however, ruled in March that the Appeals Court should make the decision.

That Appeals Court is now expected to hear oral arguments the morning of July 10th.

Dalton is facing several charges including six counts of murder, for allegedly killing six people and wounding two others in February 2016, while driving around the Kalamazoo area as an Uber driver. During interviews with police afterwards, Dalton allegedly said he had been controlled by the Uber app on his phone and forced to shoot the victims.

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