Nothing like winter in Michigan.

Anyone who has lived in SW Michigan very long knows full well that winter here can be a real mixed up mess.

Don’t expect anything different the next couple days. Between now and Sunday, we’ll see
strong gusty winds, heavy rain, rain mixed with sleet, and snow, and let’s throw in some sunshine to make it complete. We get mild temperatures in the mid 40’s today with strong winds building. Temperatures hold in the 40’s overnight with strong winds continuing.

Friday, still cloudy with rain developing, driven by continued strong winds with gusts well into the 20 mile per hour range. Heavier rain starts up overnight.

Saturday the real fun begins with up to 2 inches of rain during the early part of the day.
As temperatures fall, look for sleet and snow mixed in with the rain and up to another 2 inches of wet heavy snow.

Then by Sunday we’re back to highs in the upper 20’s with sunshine.

Happy weekend.

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