Are you a fan of Michigan history? This might interest you just a little bit then.

I was looking at some older homes on Zillow because the past is frankly fascinating. You can see old churches flipped to houses. Old one-room schoolhouses flipped to homes as well. You can even find lighthouses flipped into homes.

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While this isn't a house, it did intrigue me to question. Where was Michigan's oldest active lighthouse?

This Michigan Lighthouse Is The Oldest In The State, And It's Still In Use

It wasn't the first lighthouse here in the state, but it is one of the oldest that is still currently in use.

Clearly, it is not the original structure that was put up in 1825, but it is still the oldest active lighthouse here in the state of Michigan. Located in the thumb area of the state in Port Huron, it's still a beauty to behold.

The tower's current height stands at 85 feet in the air.

The Fort Gratiot Lighthouse is officially registered under the National Register of Historic Places, making this a historic site here in Michigan. The Fort Gratiot Lighthouse actually sits across the river from Point Edward Front Range Light. Which is a lighthouse over in Canada.

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