The anticipation of a new nickname for the Paw Paw Public Schools athletics teams has inched one step closer following the June 22nd announcement of the recommended name from the school's task force.

During the virtual school board meeting (seen below), Superintendent Rick Reo announced to the board the recommendation following a three-month survey from the Paw Paw Nickname Task Force, followed by a community vote. The choices up for vote were Phoenix, Wolves and Lions. Also a part of the community survey were potential logos for each mascot that could be used for their new identity.

Reo made the announcement during the discussion portion of the meeting, stating that "Wolves" was the preferred choice from the community and the task force. A meeting with the task force, a focus group and communication professionals last week determined that "Red Wolves" was the recommended future mascot.

(Video provided by Paw Paw Public Schools YouTube channel. Video forwarded to discussion portion.)

Director of Curriculum and Instruction Corey Harbaugh, who led the task force, stated in the district's release -

When the final ratings came in, it was clear that some version of Wolves was the overwhelming choice of students and community members. So we put together a focus group of students, community members, and staff people to work with public relations and professionals to explore it further, and Red Wolves was the name that best met our criteria for a new nickname.

The Paw Paw Nickname Task Force was comprised of 27 current students between 5th and 11th grade and led by Corey Harbaugh.

The next step will be the final approval at the next school board meeting, scheduled for Monday, July 13th. Along with the potential re-branding, logos and imagery will also be discussed and they will be previewed then. Reo stated during the meeting that he is currently unsure if the meeting will be held virtually or in-person.

Click here for the release from Paw Paw Public Schools.

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