We have all heard the rhetoric and argument concerning the names of some schools and organizations mascot names are deemed racist, bigoted or hateful.

The problem once again is the slippery slope theory.  Once you open this door where and when would it stop?

One of those mascots names is Redskins.  The most famous being the NFL Football team the Washington Redskins.  Well there is a less famous organization that being a school right here in Michigan, that has been fighting over the mascot name Redskins and that is Paw Paw’s High School.

KalamazooCountry.com reports that the Paw Paw Public Schools Board of Education decided that matter during their monthly meeting Wednesday night.  The board voted 4 to 3 approving a resolution

to fully reinstate the Redskin mascot and name to all schools until such time that it causes a loss of tax dollars to the district. The motion was amended to read "logo" instead of "mascot" since the schools don't have a mascot or Indian costume that is worn at any school event.

I think it was good that four board members did not bow down to the political correctness atmosphere that has swept much of our nation.  I also believe it was right for them to state that this matter should not be addressed again unless the school district was faced with the possibly loss of tax dollars.  I do not believe schools should risk losing tax dollars if the Michigan legislature were to create a statewide directive stating that school districts not in compliance with said directive regarding use of Native American names could lose some funding.

One of those mascots names is Redskins.  The most famous being the NFL Football team the Washington Redskins.

Do you agree with the four members of the Paw Paw board who decided to keep the name or should they have relented to the concerns of some in their community?

The problem once again is the slippery slope theory.  Once you open this door where and when would it stop?  There will always be a group of people who are offended in one way or another by names and words.  If one word offends some people and a public entity decides to ban that word or stop using the name as a mascot how can you then intellectually state that another word or name that offends some other group should not be banned or used?

My thought is you can not.

The competing sides obviously had different opinions, the supporters of the Redskins name argued that they used that name to respect and honor Native Americans.  The opposing view coming from among others the members of the Native American community believed that the name, Redskins, has a “negative and harmful connotation and using it does not honor their culture or wishes”.

The question is how steep and wet do you want to make the slippery slope?

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