Are political and hate violence the same?

The uptick in political/hate violence started in the Obama Administration and is continuing in the Trump Administration.

The question many are asking is who fault is it?

Should that really be the question or should the question be why is there an uptick and how do we stop it.

We will never be able to stop all hate/violence and insanity but we must always try to at every incident.

All people and leaders must condemn all hatred and violence, especially political at every instance of it. If so many political and community leaders only condemn the other “teams” hate and violence and never their own “teams” hate and violence they how are we to take them seriously.

What occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia is certainly an example of hate and violence at both the human and political level.
How do we deal with this: first we must arrest who was involved, we then must prosecute them to the fullest degree and lock them up if found guilty.

We must then look within ourselves and attempt to determine how we have gotten to this point. Why is there this uptick in hate/political violence and not from a finger pointing at a person perspective?

How about we turn our attention to a wider group and that is a group that continually plays the political identity politics card. This is an ideology and by that I mean identity politics that uses fear and hatred to fuel their agenda. They attempt to pit Americans against each other and then use that to move their agenda along.

All hate groups are hate groups, they are all the same. Just because you might side with one or the other that does not mean your “team” is not espousing hate, they both were over the weekend.

Whether you consider hate speech to be “hate speech” or “political speech” depends on whether you support the speech or not, wouldn’t you agree.

We need to call out all hate groups no matter which team they might be perceived to be on, this has got to stop.

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