An Investigation Discovery series will revisit a Portage woman's murder at the hands of her husband.

Investigation Discovery's series Til Death Do Us Part will revisit the tragic murder of Theresa Lockhart at the hands of her husband. The episode is scheduled to air at 10:00 p.m. Monday, December 14, 2020.

Courtesy of the Family & friends of Theresa Lockhart

Theresa was a Spanish teacher who disappeared after calling in sick to work in 2017. Almost immediately her husband, Christopher Lockhart, became a person of interest. Christopher was in and out of jail as his behavior became increasingly bizarre. Investigators at the time accused him of being uncooperative with the investigation and search efforts to recover his missing wife.

In the days following Theresa's disappearance, it was her school colleagues that reported her missing to police. Investigators began to piece together what they could without being granted access to the couple's Portage, Michigan home. Law enforcement and friends of Theresa had said that the couple had a history of domestic violence.

Courtesy of the Family & friends of Theresa Lockhart

More than 100 days after Thersa's disappearance, Christopher was discovered deceased. He committed suicide. He was supposed to report to his corrections officer as part of the terms of his release from jail for unrelated charges. When he failed to do so, law enforcement went to the couple's home.

Investigators found a written confession, as well as a map he said would lead law enforcement to the remains of Theresa. Christopher confessed to strangling his wife to death. He asked for forgiveness and left a map that ultimately lead law enforcement to her remains.

Kellie Boers via Facebook

Theresa's body was found in the neighboring county of Allegan in the State Game Area.

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