If you’re headed to Outdoor Landscape and Supply on Watkins Road, make sure you come from Renton Road and not Mercury Drive.    The city of Battle Creek received notice late Thursday night that Canadian National is making repairs to the railroad crossing on Watkins Road. They started work started at 7 a.m. Friday, April 30.

Outdoor Landscape and Supply owner Rob Grosteffon confirmed that the work will keep customers from approaching their business location from the West.  “Most of our customers come down Watkins Road from the east, and then cross over I-94 on Renton road, so it won’t be a problem.  But for those coming from Kalamazoo, they’ll need to do something different.”

Another way to bypass the rail crossing is to take I-94 business past Arlene’s Truckstop toward the airport and turn right on Renton Road.  Take Renton Road south to Watkins and follow the signs to Outdoor Landscape and Supply.

The same applies to golfers who are headed to Cedar Creek Golf Course on Watkins Road.

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It’s expected that the work on the rail crossing will last until May 13, depending on the weather. The city says they will release additional details as they have them.

The railroad crossing is next to a “Spec Building” that is nearing completion.    Battle Creek Unlimited sold the 55-acre site to a developer, who is building a 270,000 square foot building that could include a rail spur for shipping access to the Canadian National line.

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