I interviewed former Michigan Solicitor General John Bursch, appointed by Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette in 2011.  John has argued 12 cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court since 2011 and 33 cases in front of state supreme court cases, including 31 cases argued in the Michigan Supreme Court.

He came on air to discuss a case the Michigan Supreme Court decision to hear oral arguments concerning Whitmer's interpretation of the Emergency Powers of Governor Act of 1945.   That case is a challenge to Gov. Whitmer's use of the emergency order and the executive orders that flow from it. The Mackinac Center, who filed the lawsuit, is contending the governor needed permission from the state legislature to extend the order.

John stated that the: “Michigan’s Emergency Management Act requires the Governor to obtain legislative approval before continuing an emergency declaration beyond 28 days. The Governor lacks legal authority to continue a state of emergency indefinitely or to repeatedly ‘stop-and-start’ consecutive emergencies to circumvent the 28-day requirement.  The Governor’s current declaration of a Covid emergency is unlawful, and the Michigan Supreme Court should say so.”

To hear my interview, that did break some news concerning Michigan's State House and Senate case also challenging Governor Whitmer's interpretation of Michigan's Emergency Powers of Governor Act of 1945, please click below:

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