Despite how it may be perceived by some, covering tragedies is among the most difficult assignments a reporter can face. This week, Battle Creek Enquirer reporters Jennifer Bowman and Dillon Davis were tasked with exactly that - and in doing so, tasked with something even more difficult: Talking to people when they're reeling and hurting from a tragedy.

Yet, many of us find it useful to learn as much as we can about those whom we lost. Maybe it helps us feel we are paying our respects appropriately, even though we didn't know them.

Mary L. Nye and Mary J. Nye were sisters-in-law and are among the Kalamazoo shooting victims who suffered fatal injuries. Photo courtesy GoFundMe

So, Jennifer and Dillon pressed on - doing what they had to in order to bring us what we needed to hear: Who Mary L. Nye and Mary J. Nye were. Who Richard and Tyler Smith were. Who Barbara Hawthorne and Judy Brown were. Who Abigail Kopf is.

Hear what they had to say by clicking the player below.

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