Ron Cousino has been in the Heating & Cooling business for a long time, and he knows stuff!   Ron stopped by the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show this week to talk about getting the most out of your furnace.

Able Heating and Cooling sells high quality York Furnaces, but Ron says it’s important that any furnace be properly adjusted and properly sized.  “There are a lot of variables in different sized houses and different ducting systems.”   When Ron looked at our old furnace, he noticed right away that one of the pipes supplying fresh air from our cold air return wasn’t the proper size.   They changed it out with the right sized pipe, and we noticed better air flow immediately.

Tim Collins
Tim Collins

Ron says “Sometimes when a newer high-efficiency furnace is installed, people will just leave the old return, and didn’t realize that they need a lot more air return than the old furnaces.”

Ron also pointed out that there is a bypass damper in a furnace that is related to the humidifier, that he says a lot of people don’t realize need to be turned on or off, depending on the season.

But Ron Cousino says the biggest area you can address for maximum savings and efficiency is with the furnace filter.  He says filter technology has come a long way, but they still need to be relatively clean to work properly.  He said blowing modern filters out with an air compressor doesn’t really help with the newer products.

Every house is different.  He recommends checking each month for a while to see how much dust is being trapped, and then change it accordingly.

Our new York furnace is 97.5 % efficient.  It’s called a “Modulating Furnace” which has a variable speed blower motor that uses 80% less electricity than a standard blower.

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