“The Bernstein Advantage”
"Call Sam”
“The Law Offices of Sam Bernstein”

These are slogans we heard – and still hear on TV and radio – from another of Michigan's Most Famous TV Pitchmen: Sam Bernstein.

Detroit produced many TV pitchmen that became well-known throughout Michigan: Mr. Belvedere, Ollie Fretter, Mel Farr, Irving Nusbaum and many others...and Sam Bernstein fits right into that category.

His TV commercials are engrained in our memories thanks to his "call Sam" slogan. Sam's law firm is located in Farmington Hills, and was founded in 1968. He bombarded statewide television in the 70s with his ads which featured himself instead of an actor or announcer. Eventually, he began adding his three children to the firm and the commercials.

Sam followed in the footsteps of his dad, Mandell Bernstein, a Detroit attorney. Sam grew up in Detroit, graduated from Mumford High School, went to Michigan State University, graduated, and attended Wayne State University for his law degree.

Sam's children, Mark and Beth, are also on hand in the firm, and son Richard left in 2014 to become a member of the Michigan Supreme Court. Sam's still around doing his commercials and lecturing at various law schools and organizations.

I still can hear former WXYZ news guy Bill Bonds hawking for Sam proclaiming, “Call Sam”....born in 1944, Sam is still hangin' in there, well into his 70s.


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