When police arrived on scene in downtown Kalamazoo the suspects gave chase and the shotgun was fired off. 


It is reported by the Criminal Investigation Division that at nearly 12:30a.m. the morning of Thursday, Oct. 22 the Kalamazoo Public Safety (KPS) Officers were called on account of a man in the area with a shotgun. When officers arried at the 1300 block of N Burdick, they found a group of people in an argument in the street.

This same area has been the cause of other investigations and calls to the KPS officers. Other reports of gunshots and shots being fired toward a residence have been taken very seriously and officers have responded on all accounts. So far, this hasn't lead to any arrests.

Credit: Jean Sebastien Evrard / Getty Images
Credit: Jean Sebastien Evrard / Getty Images

When officers arrived Thursday morning, men from the group arguing in the street fled towards the back yard of a nearby home. When KPS gave chase, one of the men with a shotgun fired off a round. Officers were able to locate and tackle the man who is assumed to have shot off the round. A shotgun as well as rounds were found near him after he as apprehended.


A second running suspect had eluded officers who quickly called in a canine team to track the second suspect. This man was not located and is described as a black male, unknown age,  5’8” - 5’10” wearing a white shirt, white baseball cap, blue jeans and red shoes.


The 25 year-old Kalamazoo resident who was caught was arrested on the charge of resting and obstructing arrest, felony firearm and possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

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