With one brewery in downtown and a second that will move there in early 2021, the City of Allegan has approved a new way to enjoy their city.

The Allegan City Council approved the creation of the Downtown Allegan Social District on December 7th, that will bring visitors to the downtown area and be allowed to drink alcoholic beverages from specific businesses with a certain area.

There are two businesses, both of them breweries, that were also approved to begin participating in the new district. One is Schaendorf Brewing Company on Water Street. The other is Tantrick Brewing Company, who announced just before Halloween that they are heading to downtown. They will be located on Hubbard Street and open sometime in early 2021.

Both of these businesses will be allowed to serve customers that will be allowed to venture through the district with these special glasses that can be purchased. The downtown businesses within the district will allow the alcohol beverages inside as long as they are in the specific glasses. This includes local retail stores. This will occur from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week.

The City of Allegan in their announcement also stated that Schaendorf Brewing Company is currently the only that is currently allowed to sell and distribute beverages in the special glasses, as they have received proper approvals from the State of Michigan and continued communication with the city.

Tantrick Brewing's new location is still under construction. Their current location on Hooker Road remains open for carryout at this time, without the special cups for the District.

The Downtown Allegan Social District can be viewed below.

One other area of interest could add to the flair of the revitalized downtown in Allegan. Final designs of the recently approved hotel that will be built at 101 Brady Street (near the Second Street bridge) are receiving their first viewing to the City Council on Monday, December 14th.

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