A standoff between law enforcement and a man with a gun ended in tragedy late Monday night.

The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office says deputies in Springfield were called to the Wyndtree Apartments around 8:20pm Monday, on reports of a man with a gun who might be suicidal.

There, they did find the 43-year-old Springfield man, standing outside of an apartment with a pistol in his hand. His significant other and children had fled to a neighbors house before authorities arrived, and weren't reported to be injured. Deputies spoke with the man for around 45 minutes in an attempt to get him to drop the weapon, before they eventually shot him with a less-than-lethal bean bag round in an attempt to incapacitate him.

The man retreated into the apartment for a few minutes, before coming back outside and speaking with deputies; he was then shot again with a beanbag. Shortly afterwards, the sheriff’s office says the man did shoot himself, and despite immediate first aid the man was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Authorities say deputies didn’t fire any shots, beyond their less-than-lethal rounds.

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