The Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services is sending out a notice to media outlets asking us to remind you that Michigan banks, credit unions, and insurance offices are operating under a tight set of state-mandated guidelines. It’s all due to the COVID 19 virus outbreak.

Mandatory face masks and social distancing are among the most obvious controls those offices must adhere to in order to stay open. Those businesses are allowed to order you to remove a face mask to verify your identity.

But the state is going a step further. The department wants you to snitch on any financial or insurance office, not in compliance with the state’s orders.  The department wants you to call, or complete a handy complaint form online if you don’t think the virus orders are being followed.  The department says it's serious about this. It will consider non-compliance to be presumptive evidence of a public health hazard. State administrators promise to take appropriate steps to mitigate any risk to public health and safety including shutting down non-compliant businesses.

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