We've all seen those videos of dumb criminals who pick an ATM as their target for some quick cash, right? Inevitably, they all turn out bad. You can drag those things for MILES behind a truck, run over them, bash them with sledge hammers, pick axes... nothing seems to work.

But these guys in Detroit... I have to at least give some points for creativity

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Police in Wayne County, MI say two Hispanic men, estimated to be in their 20s, attempted to break into a bank ATM... using an excavator!

"Bank Security notified police after their cameras caught the robbery attempt in progress, Police say the suspects took off in a stolen white truck after the robbery attempt was unsuccessful." - MLive.com

What the story fails to mention, though, is much about the excavator! Like, did it just happen to be nearby? Was there a construction project going on next door, and they just had to whip it around and go at the ATM?

OR maybe (and this seems like the more entertaining option), these guys took the excavator from a construction site FAR away from the bank, and literally drove it TO the bank for this purpose. Seems like people might catch on to something strange going on, when a 10-ton excavator passes by them on their commute home from work.

There is a photo with the MLive story showing the excavator halfway off the road, and partly rolled back into some brush, so maybe the literally drove it through the woods to get there?

I don't know man. The whole thing is kind of wild if you think about it. Two dudes stole an excavator, used it to bust open an ATM (which even THAT proved unsuccessful), and then tried to get away in ANOTHER stolen pickup.

Police followed them for a while, but lost them on foot.

On top of all of the strange happenings with this story, the bank they hit... was a Chase Bank, whose already going through their hands full with issues at area Meijer.

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