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Ford Recalling 700,000 Vehicles For Faulty Backup Cameras
If you drive a Ford listen up. The auto-making giant is is recalling more than 700,000 of its vehicles.
The North American recall is due to faulty backup cameras. The recall, according to CNBC, covers most 2020 versions of Ford’s F-Series trucks, as well as the 2020 Exp…
The Juggling Act At Ford
For the last month, Ford has been focusing on the production of medical supplies to help with the COVID-19 virus battle. But it hasn’t ignored its mainstay during the virus shutdown.
Santa! I Want A Toy Mustang!
Remember the Big Wheel? It was a low-riding tricycle with a big front wheel with pedals and handlebars, mostly made of plastic. I had one growing up; I also had a toy tractor - non-motorized - which I used to pretend was a car when I was growing up (yep, the Richard's Ride thing goes back a way…
Lessons Of A First Time Car Buyer
As a younger person in this day and age, a first vehicle likely ticks a few boxes; almost as old as you are, covered in blemishes and dents, and a money pit so deep you're likely to spend more on repairs than you paid to buy the vehicle in the first place...
Ford's Big Year-End Push
Car sales make news in Michigan. Even in west Michigan, automotive manufacturing is among the big engines that move the economy. So, when a Michigan-based automaker announces a big sale, it gets noticed.
Ford Motor Company's "Friends and Neighbors" sale announced at the beginni…
A New (Old) Way To Drive
When I was about 15, my stepfather took me out in his 5-speed Honda sedan. We sat in a parking lot in first gear, where - over and over - he made me start from a stop to get the feel of the clutch/gas dynamic.

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