What Some Would Call a Bigot is Concerned About Racist Comments
Michelle Obama was giving a speech at a Women’s Foundation of Colorado fundraiser.  In that speech she bemoaned people that only saw her by her color.
Her direct quote is as follows:
Knowing that after eight years of working really hard for this country, there are still people who won’t see me for wha…
National Security Second Place
According to the Pew Research Center and reported in the Washington Examiner, Muslims are the fastest-growing religion in the world and approximately 70% identify as Democrats and only 11% identify as Republicans.
I was wondering why the President and the Democrat Party appear by their policies not t…
Them Against Us: The Protected Political Class
The game has finally played out.
We now know that President Obama places the favored political class (democrats) in front of the rest of us.
The Washington Post and others are reporting that the Obama Administration yet in another Friday night news dump has decided not to charge the disgraced IRS empl…
Size Does Matter
When are more people going to start getting it?
Why do these people not care about our future generations?
Senator Bernie Sanders is so worried about what he considers our number one national threat, Global Warming, and the “uninhabitable” world we will leave our future gen…

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