Prison Population?
How do you answer the question, how many people is the right amount to have in or send to prison?
That is the question that many these days are asking.  How do you attempt to answer that question?
Right now there are approximately 43,000 people in Michigan prisons, is that too little or to many..…
Dog Owners Sentenced
(AP) A man and his wife whose dogs killed a 46-year-old jogger near their Michigan home have been sentenced to a minimum of nearly five years in prison, according to the Detroit Free Press.
Bill To Allow Ex-Felons To Vote
Michigan Congressmen U.S. Rep. John Conyers (D-Detroit), has just reintroduced a bill in Congress that would allow ex-felons to vote in federal election, according to an article in the Detroit News.
This legislation would look to develop uniform federal standards for restoring the voting rights of fe…

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