Photo ID Needed to Resign from Michigan Union Membership
Well, well, well what an interesting tangled web we weave, and by “we” I mean a Michigan union.
The Washington Free Beacon is reporting about a decision The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled 2-1 that:
the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 58 violated the rights of …
Strike the Teacher Strike Law
We are all aware of the issue of teachers striking illegally in Michigan.  Detroit Public School teachers are the latest examples of illegal strikes.
Now it appears the Michigan Senate has had enough.  There are three news Senate Bills 713, 714 and 715 which were introduced in Michigan’s Senate to at…
Bailout of a Private Pension
Bailouts have become a bone of contention with many people.  I personally do not believe in them, no matter what the industry.
We are faced with another question of whether taxpayers should bailout a private pension.
The Central States Pension Fund is on the brink of insolvency and says it needs …
Union Bullies Their Members
Really, is this what it comes down to?
A Michigan citizen decides do exercise his lawful right and the UAW throws a hissy fit and attempts to terrorize the member and any future members from doing the same.
What am I talking about...
Teachers, Merit Pay and the Law
Why are public schools breaking Michigan law?
Interesting how the public schools call for people to follow the law when it suits them and then turn around and not follow the law when it appear not to.
The Michigan legislature passed a law in 2010, signed by Governor Granholm, which required all school…

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