You've seen a lot of news about new breweries and brewpubs coming to Battle Creek.  I've seen quite a few that mention Battle Creek is the only city of its size in Michigan without one.   Well, that may be true in the downtown district, but Battle Creek definitely has a brewery.   It's growing, and recently won a very prestigious award.

Territorial Brewing Company's Owner/Head of Brewing Operations
Tim Davis and Master Brewer Dan Chapin recently sat down with Tim Collins on the WBCK Morning Show. Davis says he welcomes the competition, and that he thinks it'll be great for the community.

Recently, Territorial Brewing Company won the gold medal in the light lager category at the World Beer Cup.  Davis says the award has always went to mega-breweries in the past, but not this time. "BC Light" was the winner.

The World Beer Cup is often touted as the Olympics of beer brewing. It's been held every two years since it started in 1996, organized by the Brewers Association.


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