He's known for his comedy and his stint as the host of the Daily Show back in the day on Comedy Central. But he's also a huge proponent for the first responders and brave men and women who sacrificed on 9/11 in NYC. He has been fighting for their rights and health benefits for quite a while now. Yesterday (Tuesday, June 11th) he was supposed to testify before a congressional committee about the benefits of the first responders running out next year. A fair amount of them did not even show up. But John and some of the men and women who are sick and going through chemo for cancer related illnesses because of their heroic deeds on 9/11 did. And John let congress have it. It's 9 minutes long. And worth every minute. Please watch.

(Video: ABC News via Facebook)

“What an incredible metaphor this room is for the entire process that getting health care and benefits for 9/11 first responders has come to. Behind me, a filled room of 9/11 first responders, and in front of me, a nearly empty Congress." More of his emotional testimony: https://abcn.ws/2ZftsoP


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