"There's Enough" is the name of a new community exchange store that opened Tuesday at 413 East Michigan Avenue in Marshall. 

It's not a new concept.  Melany Chalker says they've had a store like it for seven years in Concord, Michigan.   She says "Some people refer to them as 'free stores'.  It's a place where everything is free to everyone all the time.  You drop off what you don't use any more, and the idea is if you need something you  stop in and if  we have it, you take it home.  No money is exchanged.  Being a human is your only qualification."

She says they'll have everything you can imagine in a household.  The main things they need are boy's clothes, bedding, and towels.   For now, she says they have enough donations to get started.

The store is next to the Oaklawn Hospital Sleep Center.  Oaklawn also owns the building that "There's Enough" occupies, and as a partner, they are only charging a dollar a year.

Chalker says the store will be open limited hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm-6pm and Wednesday and Saturday from 10am-1pm.   Those are the times for items to be dropped off, and also for people to take things out of the store.

For more info, you can go to the Marshall United Methodist Church website too.

There's Enough Opens in Marshall

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