A Three Rivers student in middle school did a really stupid thing.  He sent nude pictures of himself to some girls.  The age of the girls is not being reported, so for the sake of this discussion let us assume girls similar to his age and in his class at school.

I think we can all agree that was extremely stupid and some form or punishment must be made, but criminal charges?

Mlive.com is reporting that not only does the student face possible criminal charges but also the girls. Let’s first address the girls, why should they face possible criminal charges?  Did they show them to other girls, let’s assume so, another stupid mistake, but a mistake worth possible criminal charges that could haunt them for the rest of their lives?

Now let us address the boy, was this his first time doing something like this?  Is this a pattern by this boy?  What other issues are presenting themselves with this boy?  All question that need to be answered.

As it sits now the Police Chief has stated it will be up to the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office to determine the charges and who is charged.  The charges they could be facing are possession/distribution of child sexually abusive material.

The photos were discovered by Three Rivers Middle School officials who then called the police.

If there is not a pattern of this behavior by the male student should this be addressed by the parents with the school overseeing that it is addressed?


The parents obviously should address this and the school officials should also address this in their own manner?


The police should be involved and charges should be sought after both the boy and the girls?


Charges should only be sought after the boy?

It all comes down to how much this incident should follow these children through their lives, again if there is not a pattern why not let the parents and school address this.

I as a parent of a boy would not care if the police did get involved but only to the extent of scaring, the you know what out of, my son.

What are your thoughts?

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