The Tigers have the second highest payroll in baseball.  An Associated Press article of big league contracts shows the Dodgers are #1, and the New York Yankees are third.

  • Los Angeles Dodgers $225.00 million
  • Detroit Tigers             $199.75 million
  • New York Yankees     $195.00 million
  • Dodgers’ pitcher Clayton Kershaw, is the highest paid player for a second straight year at $33 million.
  • Arizona Diamondbacks' pitcher Zack Greinke, Kershaw's former team-mate,  is second at $31.8 million.
  • Former Tiger David Price, who now pitches for Boston, is third at $30 million.

So who are the top earning Detroit Tigers?   Check out these numbers from Baseball Reference.

  • Miguel Cabrera                 $28M
  • Justin Verlander               $28M
  • Justin Upton                    $22.125M
  • Jordan Zimmermann       $18M
  • Victor Martinez                 $18M
  • Anibal Sanchez                $16.8M
  • Ian Kinsler                        $11M
  • J.D. Martinez                   $11.75M
  • Francisco Rodriguez        $6M
  • Mike Pelfrey                      $8M
  • Mark Lowe                        $5.5M
  • Iglesias                             $4.1M

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