The time capsule for schools will take on a new meaning this year at Paw Paw Public Schools with a special ceremony for members of the Class of 2020.

The District announced "A Gathering of Grads" that is scheduled for Friday, July 10th. Due to COVID-19 guidelines, the ceremony is limited to the the graduating class of 2020 and select faculty. Organizers of the event plan on recording the event and posting online at a later time.

The event will feature the class' placement of a time capsule that will contain items from the past school year. Graduate-written letters, prom tickets and graduation programs are some of the items that will be placed in the capsule. A COVID mask will also be a part of the capsule's items and the memorabilia of the former Redskin moniker. The Paw Paw School Board approved the change of their nickname and mascot in March, shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic began.

For the Class of 2020 members, the ceremony will have student speeches and other graduation traditions, including the turning of tassels and the cap toss. In a provided release from the school district, Senior Class president Cassidy Medema said -

The time capsule is a really exciting way to remember all that's happened this year. I'm really proud to be part of a class that pushed through so many challenges, from the encephalitis outbreak that cancelled Homecoming, to changing the school’s mascot, and the COVID-19 pandemic that prevented many senior traditions.

The District added that the time capsule is also a fitting, official and respectful event to retire the Redskin nickname and begin a new tradition. Superintendent Rick Reo stated in March that it was "important for this to be done in a very respectful manner to honor our history".

The Paw Paw School Board will be meeting on July 13th for their regularly scheduled meeting to determine their new nickname. It was announced in June that Red Wolves was suggested as the new name for their athletic teams. The name and future logo must be approved by the board to make it official.

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