Michigan State Police troopers are trying to figure out what led to the discovery of a burning truck that was found burning in the middle of the road.

Police say the arson and larceny from took place during the early hours of Monday, March 15th.

Troopers described the vehicle as a dark blue early 2000’s single-cab Ford F-250 pickup truck with a tow bar attached to the front.

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It was found on fire in the middle of Allen Road near Stokes Road in Kinderhook Township, just north of the Indiana state line, and east of I-69.

Once troopers started looking into it, they discovered that the pickup truck was had been stolen from the 200th block of East Central Road in Ovid Township.

Truck that caught fire-MSP Photo provided
Truck that caught fire-MSP Photo provided

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact Trooper Eric Iden at the Michigan State Police post in Marshall at (269) 558-0500 extension 4390.


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