Charges are expected against a Battle Creek business who police say was caught selling a marijuana vape cartridge to an underage person.

The Battle Creek Police Department and the Substance Abuse Council conducted retail compliance checks on Tuesday, to make sure that the businesses are following the law regarding the sale of tobacco products to minors. 36 Battle Creek businesses were checked, and 34 were in compliance. One violation was related to tobacco sales, while the other was at store in the 100 block of E. Columbia Ave. where a liquid THC cartridge was sold to an underage individual.

The BCPD says they are pursuing charges against the seller.

Under Michigan law, it is a misdemeanor to sell tobacco to a minor, and it carries a $50 fine for each violation. It is also illegal to sell medical marijuana products to those under 18 unless they have the appropriate patient card, which requires special conditions to be met.

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