A Harper Creek class ring is one of the many items taken from a recent break-in at a home in Branch County last week.

The Michigan State Police’s Marshall post reports that they are looking for two suspects involved at the breaking-and-entering of a home on Shawnee Drive, located just north of the Michigan-Indiana border in Kinderhook Township, between January 30th and February 2nd.

Home surveillance spotted a white man and white woman enter the home.

Among the items was a Class of 1991 Harper Creek High School class ring with the initials "RS", two small safes - one black and one beige,  a FIE .31 caliber revolver, a .22 caliber centennial rifle with a wood stock and a 12 gauge Ithaca shotgun. Two small rifles and a black Macbook computer was also taken.

Call the Michigan State Police's Marshall post at (269) 558-0500 or Silent Observer at (269) 968-3888 or crimereports.com if you have information on the case.

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