The Calhoun County Medical Examiner has taken possession of over three dozen cremated remains after they were discovered unclaimed in a former funeral home.

Fox17 reports that back in March 2016, the Spencer Funeral Home building in Athens was bought at auction by Lighthouse Funeral & Cremation. According to a statement, in October of this year, the former owner of Spencer’s died, and their family came to Lighthouse of Union City with several boxes “that contained the cremated remains of those that had not been claimed by family members prior to the sale of the building.”

Those 37 boxes were turned over to the Calhoun County Medical Examiner, who is now trying to track down the next of kin for these deceased so they can claim their loved ones. Right now, it’s unclear why exactly so many remains were held by the former funeral home.

If you believe your relative might be among the remains, you can contact the Medical Examiner’s office at (269) 337-6173.

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