There are lots of things you can still do without any issues under Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s new shutdown order. Here are some of them:

-You can enjoy outdoor activities, including walking, hiking, running, cycling or any other recreational activity consistent with remaining at least six feet from people.

-You can take care of tasks that are necessary to health and safety or to the health and safety of your family or household members, including pets. --You may, for example, leave home to secure medication or to seek medical or dental care that is necessary to address a medical emergency. Or anything that can be described as preserving the health and safety of a household or family member.

-You are able to travel to obtain "necessary services and supplies," including supplies for vehicles, gasoline, needed medical supplies and "any other products necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation and basic operation of your residence

-You can leave home to take care of grocery shopping. But the order advises the use of "delivery to the maximum extent possible."

-You can still order takeout food and go get it.

-You may travel to care for a family member or a family member’s pet in another household. You can also travel to care for dependents, the elderly, disabled persons and other "vulnerable persons."

-You are allowed to visit an individual under the care of a health care facility, residential care facility, or congregate care facility.

-You may attend legal proceedings as ordered by a court.

-It is still allowed for you to work or volunteer for businesses or operations that provide food, shelter and other necessities of life for economically disadvantaged or otherwise needy individuals.

-The order also exempts facilities used for religious worship, when they're being used for religious services, from misdemeanor penalties for violating the ban on operations.

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