Back when the pandemic started, and Michigan Unemployment was paying an extra $600 a week, it was a big welcome to many folks who lost their job. Many that received it were getting much more then they were making.  Some did not even work for a while because their income actually increased.  Well know that the COVID19 pandemic is getting better and things are changing fast. There are many jobs available now especially in the fast food and restaurant industry.

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One of the changes will be if you're collecting unemployment in the state of Michigan, you will soon have to prove that you're actively searching for work says If you're getting that money from the state, you will have to apply for a job at 2 employers every week, and you're gonna have to prove it.  This will take affect by the end of May.

Stephanie Glidden, chief of staff for the agency, said Tuesday at a Michigan House Oversight Committee hearing,

The requirement has long been a condition of receiving jobless benefits, but was waived at the beginning of the pandemic through an executive order by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer when businesses across the state shut down. When Whitmer's powers were invalidated near the end of last year, that provision technically went back into effect but wasn't enforced by the agency.

I don't think this unreasonable at all. There are so many jobs being offered right now in the Lansing area. It is time for people to get back to work. Many benefits will be expiring for people this summer, too. There are also many job fairs that are going to be in the area soon, and we will keep you informed about all of them on our app.

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