Michigan Democrats: Representatives, Senators, and the Governor have voted against and vetoed 50, 60 or more election integrity bills that the State Republicans had passed over the last 6 months.

So what do they want?  According to an article in the Detroit Free Press, they want the following:

  • Allow absentee ballots received up to 72 hours after polls close on Election Day to count, as long as they are postmarked on or before Election Day.

How hard is it to get your ballot in the mail a few days before Election Day?  Here is a good idea that should be the law. Just like those who can vote at a polling place on Election Day your absentee ballot needs to be at the clerk’s office by Election Day.

  • Allow absent voter counting boards to start processing and tabulating ballots up to seven days before Election Day. The bill says boards are "only permitted to open, process, and tabulate absent voter ballots and are not permitted to tally or count the results of those absent voter ballots."

If you do not realize that tabulating ballots is the same thing as counting them then you should not be writing laws and we will not accept this law.

  • Mandate at least one absentee ballot drop box for every 20,000 registered voters in a city.

This one is easy, no absentee ballot drop boxes at all.  They stated last year that they only needed them because of Covid and now they have gone back on their word.  Ballot drop boxes are fraught with danger and give people the ability to more easily destroy a large number of ballots in areas they believe are ideologically different than them.

  • Require clerks to mail an absentee ballot application and pre-paid return envelope to every registered voter in a city or township. The state would be required to reimburse the local municipality for the cost of postage.

This has to be one of their dumbest ideas or perhaps not for them because they know this is the easiest way for them to commit fraud and cheat.  Also, this is another idea that they stated was only needed for last year due to Covid but has once again gone back on their word.  I may and I emphasis may consider this if the Democrats were to agree in the law itself to pay for every single printed ballot, the postage to send them and return them, and the administration of the entire program.  These funds must come from Democrats in the State, not from out-of-state millionaires and billionaires.

  • Get rid of a part of the law that criminalizes the hiring of a vehicle to take anyone other than someone physically unable to walk to a polling place.

There could be too much pressure applied to the voters once they enter the vehicle.  Not a good idea.

  • Allow active duty service members and their spouses who are deployed or living overseas to return ballots electronically.

When we saw so many questionable practices last year with paper ballots why would anyone call for voting electronically?  Stupid question since that would be the easiest way to flip someone’s vote.

Enough said.

Did you notice that there was no mention of a voter who shows up to a polling place and asks to vote with no state identification on them?  Today they are given a regular ballot that will be counted and allowed to vote as long as they pinkie swear (sign an affidavit that will never be verified) they are who they say they are.  What they should be given is a provisional ballot, not a regular ballot.  I wonder why the Democrats are not for that law?

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