A judge not only gave this man a second chance, but he gave him a challenge.  It paid off big time.

This story begins with a young man in trouble with the law that seemingly had a rough future ahead of him.  Edward Martell was a 27-year-old high school drop when he appeared in court for drug charges in 2005.  Martell was facing up to 20 years in prison for selling cocaine when Wayne County Circuit Judge Bruce Morrow challenged the young Inkster man according to deadlinedetroit.com,

“He said, ‘I challenge you to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company instead of being out here selling drugs,’” Martell recalled. “And I love a challenge.”

Judge Morrow then gave a young Martell 3 years probation instead of a lengthy prison sentence.  So, what did Edward do with this incredible second chance?  He worked his butt of so he could get a scholarship to further his education.  Let's not forget, he was a high school drop out.  Since that day in court he went to college.  Then he went to law school.  Sixteen years later, after passing his Bar exam, Mr. Edward Martell is in court in front of Judge Morrow again.  This time he's being sworn in as a member of the Michigan Bar.

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Martell is an example of a man that was set on a dangerous path at a very young age (13,) but thanks to a second chance by one man in a powerful place, he has completely turned his life around.

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