Last night I watched an interview between a very well respected former assistant FBI Director, his name is James Kallstrom.

What he said about what has occurred at the FBI over the last few years was disheartening.  We all want to believe in the FBI’s and the DOJ’s top management but with their actions over the last few years how can we.

In the interview, which you can see by clicking on this Daily Caller’s hotlink former assistant FBI Director, James Kallstrom stated:

You know, to get a search warrant from a federal judge on the criminal side, you have to talk about a criminal act that’s taking place…On the national security side for the FISA judge, you have to talk about the threat to national security…I think it’s far-fetched — I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong, but to see what kind of predicate they could have possibly had in this case

People need to be held accountable for their actions and let us hope that happens, but it appears with Jeff Sessions as our Attorney General that might not actually happen.

By the way Mr, Kallstrom committed on the dirty tactics that Mueller has done in the past, even keeping innocent people in jail.  Something must be down with Mueller also.

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