Michigan has its fair share of wealth spread across the state. With so much waterfront property, real estate value is fairly high in certain areas. Couple in quality universities that send well-educated workers into the field, many of whom have easy options to stay in state, and Michigan retains a good bit of wealth.

Reputations of select areas notwithstanding, large cities create tons of opportunities for residents. Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing, and many other cities provide unique and well-paying jobs for Michiganders from all walks of life. However, naturally, the largest metro area in the state is where you'll find the wealthiest zip code in all of Michigan, tucked away within the Detroit suburbs.

Whether it's manufacturing in the automotive industry or working in a high-rise business, pinpointing the wealth of the state to the southeast isn't the most surprising outcome for those familiar with the Mitten State. But which Metro-Detroit suburb zip code is the wealthiest of them all?

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According to Stacker, the 48009 zip code is the richest, having the highest median income in all of Michigan at $79,601. The 48009 zip code belongs to the city of Birmingham in the northwest Detroit metro.

With that median income, Birmingham stacks up well with the other 50 zip codes on Stacker's list, which had a median income of $85,995. Moreso, Birmingham's median income is quite a bit higher than the national average in the United States, which is  $69,021.

Birmingham has plenty going for it to create a high median income. First of all, as mentioned in the Slacker article, its residents have excellent job opportunities in the healthcare and automotive manufacturing industries. Then, a 300+ business walkable downtown shopping district keeps the economy rolling in-house. That only serves to boom the real estate business as houses sell for a median price of $634,166, a number that continues to rise.

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