Michigan leads the nation….in buying no-tie shoe laces.

Sold by GWHole at Amazon.com



Where were those when I was growing up?  Hey, they might still come in handy the morning after the basketball marathon drinking session   But, no-tie shoe laces?  Hey, it could be worse.


According to Estately.com, Indiana is #1 in buying blow up dolls. 

Indiana is #1 in buying blow up dolls.

                         Those numbers are probably inflated by the fact that cousin Lester lives down there.  We're not posting a picture, sorry.

The real estate website  just did a study of Google Shopping searches to see what WEIRD product every state is shopping for more than anyone else

Here are some other highlights:

  • Colorado buys "Borat" mankinis more than everyone else.
  • South Carolina buys adult Underoos.
  • Oklahoma buys zombie survival kits, like this one in the picture above on Amazon.com.
  • North Dakota buys more George Foreman Grills than any other state. (It’s probably about 17 in all)

Here are some more:

  • Kansas . . . plus-size lingerie wholesale. (Wasn’t Doris Ziffle was from Kansas?)
  • Massachusetts . . . velour track suits.
  • Wisconsin . . . Truck Nuts.  Those are plastic testes you dangle from a trailer hitch.  (not posting a picture of that either)
  • Idaho….the Shamwow!


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