There are many definitions that describe a friend.  Most of us believe that a real friend is one who is there for you for all of your ups and downs in life.  A friend is there for you in the best of times but more importantly in the times when you are in your greatest need.  That is what many of us would consider a good or perhaps a great friend.

When you really think about it, in your lifetime you can consider yourself a very lucky man or woman if, in the end, you have one of those great friendships.

The famous former professional baseball player Johnny Bench who played his entire career as a catcher for the Cincinnati Reds from 1967 through 1983 can consider himself a lucky man.  Not only was he able to play a sport professionally that brought him fame and some fortune but he can truly say he has a real friend in life.

Prior to the mid-1980’s professional sports, players did make the kind of money players have been earning for the last couple of decades. 

According to reporting by The Daily Caller Johnny put several of his memorabilia items up for auction to help pay for two of his sons to go to college.  Some of the items he had put up for auction included the following:

  • His Rookie of the Year Gold Glove
  • the bat he used for his final home run
  • two championship rings

In stepped a friend of his to prove what friendship means.  His friend Alan Horowitz was in a position financially that he could help his friend.  I supposed he could have written a check to the college that Bench’s sons were attending but he probably knew Johnny was the type of man that would not have accepted that kind of handout.  So he did the next best thing and bought the entire collection he put up for auction from the auction house for $1 million dollars.

That is not what makes him a great friend.  What he did next truly makes him a great friend.

He then took all of Johnny Bench’s memorabilia he just bought snd gave it all back to his friend.

That is a true friend.  Someone who was in the position to be able to help his friend and did.  Here is Johnny Bench talking about how he found out what had occurred:

I would like to give you the opportunity to tell the world when a truly good friend helped you out in a time of need.  Please go to my flagship stations Facebook page or my shows Facebook page and take this opportunity to let us know about a time when a true friend helped you out in your time of need.

Let’s us share some joy during this season of joy.

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